Powder metallurgy products have been widely used in shipbuilding industry
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Powder metallurgy technology is a new energy-saving and efficient technology, which occupies an important position in economic development. In recent years, the powder metallurgy products industry has developed rapidly. With the continuous change and update of technology, the development prospect of powder metallurgy industry is increasingly broad. P / M gears can be used in all kinds of hull pump parts, such as piston, filter, etc. some parts of marine diesel engine can also be manufactured by P / M process.
    Due to the complexity of marine equipment, harsh operating environment and small space for placement, it is very difficult to replace many parts and equipment. Therefore, the equipment is required to have good wear resistance. The oil-bearing self-lubricating material of P / M gears produced by powder metallurgy technology has excellent self-lubricating function and high temperature resistance under various operating conditions, which is similar to that of traditional materials Compared with other materials, P / M materials have excellent characteristics and are ideal marine structural materials.
The demand of powder metallurgy industry is the biggest, and the powder metallurgy gear is a large demand of shipbuilding industry, which has promoted the development of powder metallurgy industry. Powder metallurgy is a new technology of comprehensive utilization and regeneration, which is the key to solve the problem of new materials. Due to the fierce market competition, some enterprises have changed from competition to cooperation. With the continuous strengthening of product quality and scientific and technological innovation, China's powder metallurgy technology will be able to compete with international large enterprises in the future.

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